Candidates – FAQs.

We encourage candidates to review frequently asked questions below.

What is your success record?

DFS has successfully placed thousands of employees in c-level and management positions for 25 years. While other search firms report a 50% success rate or lower on executive searches, we fill 100% of exclusive searches for which we are engaged. While we are competent placing across industry and job function, we are especially proud of our stronghold in consumer products and entertainment. Companies like Mattel come to us for assistance in filling their senior positions, collaborating to place over 17 VP and SVP roles.

How do you view diversity in the workplace?

DFS commits 100% of our time and energy to placing uniquely qualified candidates in roles. We partner with organizations who are committed to diversity in the workplace and recognize its impact. Our process is holistic, reduce bias in the hiring process by focusing on values, & working style in addition to skills, achievements and track record. In short, we think good seeks good and are proud of our commitment to unwavering kindness, transparency and professionalism in search.

I am a candidate seeking a new opportunity— can you help?

We’re always on the lookout for top talent, but we cannot represent every resume that comes our way. We suggest you review our candidates page and take a look at our active searches (feel free to apply to any positions you feel you’re well-qualified for). If you do not see any positions which you think are the right fit, click here to create a candidate profile so we can contact you if and when the right opportunity becomes available for you.

Do you charge a fee?

We never charge fees to candidates. 100% of the costs associated with hiring you into your new role are always covered. Check out our open roles!

Which companies do you work with?

As a boutique firm with strong ties to well-regarded companies of all size, we’re fortunate to work with a strong network of employers. Check out our client list to learn more.

What about referrals?

We value introductions to qualified candidates— please contact us to learn more about our referral practices.

Do you have any suggestions on my resume or interview tips?

We’ve compiled some resources to help you show your best self— read on.

Which roles do you help employers to hire for?

We place mid-level and senior talent in diverse and empowering positions. Please check out our recently filled positions to better understand our search competencies.

Can't find answers to your questions?

Please contact us and we will be in touch.