Diversity & Inclusion

De Forest Search is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and have several ongoing initiatives to support our clients and colleagues in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts in the workplace that include:

  • Hosting a Monthly Webinar series from a variety of experts in the field of DEI (see more information on next Webinar below)
  • Opportunity for C-level and HR executives to participate in a monthly peer to peer virtual Mastermind Consortium to share insights, issues, challenges and best practices in a safe and confidential space versus internal team. Consortium will have a nice mix of professionals with expertise in Diversity and Inclusion, Organizational Development, HR Business Partners, Compensation/Pay Equity and HR Law.
  • If you have a need for new DEI expertise, De Forest Search has a pulse on current talent nationally on a staff or contract basis. De Forest Search has a robust network of talented and knowledgeable OD Consultants, DEI Coaches and Educators available for a one-off project or an on-going learning program that can tackle one specific area of deficiency or an all-inclusive learning program with online evaluations to ensure that the information is absorbed and applied in their workplace.
  • As you endeavor to achieve a diverse balance in your company talent, DFS will provide a mix of highly qualified candidates that includes backgrounds you are seeking to hire.
  • Talent Development Partnership with www.Gladeo.org a social enterprise building a more inclusive, equitable and prepared workforce of the future by providing high-quality, culturally-responsive career guidance to anyone, anywhere.

Join our next Webinar on September 17th 10 AM PST

Radical Equity Listening and Learning Session: Normalizing the Conversation

We all find ourselves at a critical moment in the history of the movement toward equity, inclusion, diversity, and sustainability. So many of us are ready to become more powerful forces for good, yet conversations around topics like racism, sexism, and privilege can so often feel awkward and even risky. In these current times of heightened emotion, anxiety and uncertainty, the first critical need is for individuals to have a safe and positive opportunity to be heard and to witness others at a deeply personal level.

How can we create change about something we aren’t even sure how to talk about? This is critical before embarking on learning about “what to do” and before moving into action in our lives, our teams and our organizations.

Join us for a special 60 minute workshop on Normalizing Conversations About Equity with executive coaches and facilitators Caneel Joyce and Dan McKee, where we will:

1)    Learn how to have more intelligent, safe and effective conversations about anti-racism, racial justice, equity and inclusion in your team or organization.

2)    Share any personal experiences and ask questions in a safe space, while being equipped with the tools and skills to create safety for others.

3)    Receive guidance in identifying your next steps for moving into action.


Dan McKee

Dan McKee has worked for three decades in the equity, leadership and human development fields, including a consistent focus in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work (DEI). He has designed and facilitated workshops, trainings and retreats on four continents. His own personal work on racism in the 1980’s led to pursuing training and service toward the dismantling of the oppressions of race, gender, orientation and class. He has done broad training with the Dismantling Racism and NAACP organizations, among others and has helped a vast array of individuals, organizational leaders, and executive teams.

Caneel Joyce, Ph.D.

Dr. Caneel Joyce brings 20 years of experience both being an executive as well as coaching and training top-tier leaders in a wide range of industries including technology, healthcare, consumer products, brands and media. She is a former professor of management at the London School of Economics and has taught at the UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and at Stanford University. Her 5-star podcast, Allowed, guides you through the deep inner work involved in reclaiming your unique wholeness and accessing your full power as a conscious and integrated leader.

Together Dan and Caneel offer an integrative approach to examining who you are and who you can become as a leader. Their facilitated sessions help you begin to live into your highest ideals, including around how you orient to your own power, privilege and identities.

To request an invitation and reserve your spot, email Jill De Forest jill@deforestsearch.com