Employers – FAQs.

Please explain your fee structure.

Our typical fee structure is based upon an agreed percentage of the candidate’s base salary only—  balance due upon successful placement. DFS also works with employers under other fee arrangements like retained search, contingency search, volume search, and hybrid search. As each of our clients have unique needs, we work to establish a search model competitive with your industry and the complexity of your hiring needs, which may change on a search-by-search basis.

Are there any additional fees?

Our fee structures are transparent and agreed to prior to work beginning on your search. Most administrative expenses are absorbed by DFS; however, speciality tasks (such as in-depth background checks) may be subject to additional fees which are always disclosed.

What types of companies do you work with?

We love partnering with organizations of any size— from a nascent start-up to a large multinational organization. As a boutique search firm with extreme operational efficiencies, we are large enough to execute large, high-level searches anywhere in the world yet small enough to ensure your placement is our top-priority.

Why should I work with a recruiter, specifically DFS?

Regardless of your role at your company, a recruiter can add immense value for your search, applying and streamlining your talent acquisition efforts. We allow you to maximize your time and effort shaping corporate culture, increasing diversity, and speaking to the right people, not reviewing hundreds of unqualified candidates. Simply, we take care of the heavy lifting, creating a clear path-to-hire.

What is your success record?

DFS has successfully placed thousands of employees in c-level and management positions for 25 years. While other search firms report a 50% success rate or lower on executive searches, we fill 100% of exclusive searches for which we are engaged. While we are competent placing across industry and job function, we are especially proud of our stronghold in consumer products and entertainment. Companies like Mattel come to us for assistance in filling their senior positions, collaborating to place over 17 VP and SVP roles.

Do you perform reference checks?

We screen each candidate extensively. DFS connects with each candidate in-person, by phone, or via Skype prior to submitting for consideration. Once a shortlist has been created, DFS performs up to four in-depth reference checks.

How do you view diversity in the workplace?

DFS commits 100% of our time and energy to placing uniquely qualified candidates in roles. We partner with organizations who are committed to diversity in the workplace and recognize its impact. Our process is holistic, reduce bias in the hiring process by focusing on values, & working style in addition to skills, achievements and track record. In short, we think good seeks good and are proud of our commitment to unwavering kindness, transparency and professionalism in search.

I am a candidate seeking a new opportunity— can you help?

We’re always on the lookout for top talent, but we cannot represent every resume that comes our way. Please refer to our candidate FAQs for more information.

Can you put me in touch with a current client as a reference check.

Sure! Contact us to get started and check out our testimonials on the home page.

How do you find and diligence candidates?

With 25 years placing senior level talent, we have an extensive network. Our industry-specific relationships and powerful databases compliment each search, enabling us to locate candidates employers will not typically find on professional networking sites and job board sites. Simply, our experience and tools help you fill roles efficiently with the best talent possible.

What is your process?

As an extension of your hiring team, we take each placement seriously as if it were our own company. Once engaged, we get to work immediately. We conduct research on the hiring landscape, dig deep into industry trends, and begin sourcing and screening candidates, often submitting prospective hires within 7-14 days from receiving a search.

Which roles do you help companies hire for?

We place mid-level and senior talent in diverse and empowering positions. Please check out our recently filled positions to better understand our search competencies.

Can't find answers to your questions?

Please contact us and we will be in touch.